How do I qualify to be a Freedom Boat Club member?

Freedom Boat Club is open to anyone of any skill level. The only requirement is that you must be 21 years old or older. Boating enthusiasts, beginners, and veterans alike are welcome! If you do not have a boating license or boating experience, we will provide boater education and safety courses free of charge.


Are guests welcome?

Of course! As long as at least one Freedom Boat Club member is present, you may bring any family, friends, pets, kids, coworkers, estranged cousins, or whomever else you’d like on your boating adventure with you.


Are there extra charges for anything like using different types of boats?

Nope! It doesn’t matter how often you use your boat club membership or what boat you choose to use: you will never see any extra fees. The only things that you are responsible for paying are your membership dues and the fuel that you use while boating.


How can I make a reservation?

It’s easy! Sign in and make a reservation through our online reservation system, or call the Freedom Boat Club location you would like to make a reservation at and make a reservation through one of us.


Where can I purchase fuel to refill after I’m done boating?

Obviously, each marina will be different. Most of the time, however, fuel will be available at the docks. At some marinas, you are unable to fill up your own boat. It’s best to ask your specific marina for details on how to best go about refueling.


What types of boats can you use as a part of Freedom Boat Club?

We have a large variety of boats for you to take out whenever you feel the urge! Our fleet includes:


  • Deckboats
  • Bowriders
  • Pontoon boats
  • Sailboats
  • Cruisers


Some marinas have different boats available and not all marinas will have every type of boat. For details on exactly what boats are in an individual fleet, check out the locations and fleet page or reach out to your specific location.


Can I go boating at any other Freedom Boat Club location?

Absolutely! Part of the appeal of Freedom Boat Club is that you have access to boating at more than 175 different locations across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Check out our locations list to find out where else you can take advantage of your Freedom Boat Club membership.


Do you have boat training or boating safety courses?

Yes! Every single Freedom Boat Club location offers boat training and boating safety courses for free to our loyal members. Sessions traditionally incorporate both classroom and on-boat training. All members must complete these courses in order to reserve a boat.


How long has Freedom Boat Club been around?

Freedom Boat Club has proudly been doing business since 1989 and is still going strong with over 20,000 members! We’re the world’s largest and oldest members-only boat club, and we show no signs of slowing down.


Is there a limit on how many times you can go boating?

No! Go as many times as your heart desires! Usage is completely unlimited at your home location as long as there is a boat available.


Is all safety equipment provided?

Yes, every boat in our fleet is up to U.S. Coast Guard regulation and includes:


  • Life jackets
  • A fire extinguisher
  • Sound equipment
  • Flares


Boats are inspected both before and after boating use by dock staff to make sure all equipment is present.


Can people who are not a part of Freedom Boat Club able to rent the boats?

Absolutely not. Our fleet is privately owned and is not rented out or used by anyone not in Freedom Boat Club. This helps us maintain the quality you’ve come to expect from our boats and increases the availability of our boats for our members.